Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Lah lah laaaaaah!! Hello! These lil meebs want to say hi and welcome! They are so excited to share with you all about them and their meebing songs! lah!

As you can see, meebs are little pink bundles of sweet. They love to sing songs and be your bestest friend! A few snippets about meebs:
* Singing is one of their favorite pastimes
*They also like to eat... round things, like doughnuts, are their favorites. They have a lot of favorite things, they don't understand the concept of "favorites". But that's ok.
* Meebs have lots of energy but they tire quickly, so naps are necessary.
* Everyone has meebs.... only the happiest can see them!
*Meebs are not alone, there's also Leo Pards, which we will meet soon!

That is all for now ;)
Happy meebing!

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